Photos from the England trip Summer 2006

Again, my apologies for the state of the photos. Still no real cam, just a mobile phone... But at least it gives you some idea of what a great time we had!

Coming over was like stepping in to an oven, very hot and humid for people who had been out sailing and dipping their toes in the Baltic every 5 minutes to keep nice and cool. But we were greeted by a beautiful sunset as we drove from the airport to Reading!

During our stay we made some excursions to Henley, where you can find one of the best curry places I've ever been to. Henley is a very pretty little town by the Themse.

Most of our time in England we spent with Kev. So good to see him! He didn't want to be seen though, making it very difficult for me to capture him on the cam... Lol.

But I did succeed occasionally. This is from outside the Mapledurham Church:

But Kev did go to extremes, hiding behind leaves when possible...

I found a new feature on my cam, panoramic views. It worked so so. This is part of one of those photos:

And here is the rest, with some ghostly figures! ;-)

House in Goring:

The lock in Goring:

Nice day for a bath, guess he just had enough!

And the bridge between Goring and Streatley:

Terry stopping to smell the plastic flowers...

The river was a pretty sight this day!

The church in Streatley:

Flintstone isn't something we find regularly in Sweden, and it always amazes me that there is so much of it in England that walls and houses can be made of it!

We don't know exactly what this is, but we've determined that it is a Tomato Orchide that is in its initial state, and it will soon grow and consume all of mankind!