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Solange the Mighty Sailor

Sailing 2003

Visit from Wim 2004

Sailing Trip with
S/Y Älva 2004

Sailing Trip with
S/Y Älva 2005

Sailing 2005

Sailing Trip with
S/Y Alva 2006

England 2006

England 2007

Istanbul 2007

Botanical Garden 2008

New York 2008

Gotland 2008

Camping 2009

This page is still under construction. Please don't be too hard on me, I'm still learning how to do this.

The purpose of this place is to show the photographs I've taken over the years, during various journeys or field trips. Some are work related, some are taken during hollies. I bought my new camera only a year ago, so you will find some of the quality on the previous photographs quite poor. I have (of course...) taken many more photographs, so this page will be updated regularly, as soon as I've sorted the piccies out.

All photos have been taken by me, unless specifically stated.












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